Heyku post 1


This is a new piece that I want to start called Heyku Posts. Well this is from a new app that I have found through in iTunes app store and it is called heyku where you go onto the site and you can freely write your own heyku of you own, or the app can guide you through it. And when you’re done with it. In the above picture is what you will come up with. So I would like to start sharing them here on my wordpress blog site. So please leave comments and let me know what you think. Also, I will also shed some light on what all these heykus mean while I was writing them. In the first line “No one will listen to me.” I was feeling like I could saying to anyone and I will still get the same result which was nothing at all.

In the second line, I felt like I wasn’t doing nothing at all. Even I was in my own world at the time. In the third and final line, I was working on coyrighting my music on the internet, and also publishing my music as well. So even though I wasn’t doing anything, I was accomplishing everything in my music.


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