Inspire Folks

So, you make awesome tunes. You have a great catalogue of like-able music that get’s a thumbs up from anyone who listens. Whenever you’re in the songwriting process, you tend to cling to what’s ‘mainstream’ and what ‘everyone else’ is doing in your genre, which isn’t a bad thing. You’re a singer who often serenades on the topic of love, or you’re a rapper who often speaks on the excess of money and women you have in your imagination, that just might come to fruition once you get big. You’re having fun, you’re in your element. But, have you ever sat and created a song with the intention of speaking to someone’s heart? Yes, you’re making songs with the intention of getting fans, in general, but has your material ever been a source of inspiration? Music has capabilities that indie artists often overlook when they get lost in the process of it all. Set aside time in your musical future to create a song or two that will speak to someone’s heart. Focus on a topic that’s often overlooked in the mainstream music world these days. Be different. Be bold. Be sincere. Take the time to write lyrics that will leave an impression. You and your listener will be rewarded. 


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