The Story Within The Music: Sneaking around

A New segment that I wanted to start in my Studio 1215 Blog. Where I will put on a link to one of my songs, there will be a story that will follow  with it. This is a story that the song is telling me and I wanted to share it with everyone. And to get some feedback from it. So here we go with the first selection:

In a tall building in a city of corrosion, and power, and greed rules everything a woman is mysteriously walking around an office building. This office is one of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world. This woman  knows that there is some wrong doing going on within these walls of her environment. But everyone that she talks to and tries to get on her side something mysteriously happens to them. So on her own she has to find out whats going on here. She sneaks in the tall dark and mysterious building without security knowing that she is even there. She finds the stairs in the building and runs up them quickly, but also silently as she could. Now she has made to the floor that she works on, now getting in the next part of the mission. So she hides in the shadows until one of the security guards goes in, when that happens she quickly run in behind the guard without him even knowing she is there. She knows the guards that work in this building and knows where all the security cameras are, and all the hidden spots for these cameras as well. She knows getting caught by the camera wasn’t going to happen. Again she hides, and wait for the guard to leave, while the guard was leaving the room, he stopped for a moment for known reason by the woman. So she sneaks up behind the guard and knocks him out with his own flashlight that she picks up on the floor that he had dropped. Sneaking Around Music Please my advice if you can play the song while you read this post and let me what you think.

by Morris Hayes Jr/Dj D2uece


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