DoclerMusic Combines Music Concerts and Lessons On New Livestreaming Platform

DoclerMusic Combines Music Concerts and Lessons On New Livestreaming Platform DoclerMusic is a new livestreaming and fan interaction platform for musicians. The basic service is free for artists and viewers with tipping plus fees for private concerts and lessons. The initial range of interactions supported by DoclerMusic suggest that it has the potential to become a key tool for DIY artists. DoclerMusic officially launched late last month after a summer long beta period so go check them out and tell us what you think! DoclerMusic looks like a potentially strong tool for indie musicians. The basic entry price of free reduces initial friction with various ways to monetize available including tipping as well as paid private lessons and concerts. Live Music Streaming With Here’s an infographic showing how DoclerMusic works. Direct communication between artist and fans is possible, for example, texting is an option. But voice communication is also possible in private concerts and lessons. I think combining live shows and music lessons is a strong move and creates the potential for DoclerMusic to become an important platform for artist communication with fans. You can compare DoclerMusic, from their perspective, to other livestreaming options. My only concern at this stage may seem somewhat small but I think is really important for musicians on the web these days. Profiles do seem to have links to other accounts but they’re not live. In addition, the Artist Terms include: “Advertising other websites (, and cobrands,,,, etc.) or services is strictly prohibited, unless expressly allowed by Website Operator in this Services Agreement.” I’m not sure how far that prohibition goes and I understand competitive issues but it’s really important that artists have clickable links to whatever site is important to them in their profiles, which will likely include YouTube.

Location:Sycamore Dr,Lancaster,United States


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