A Musician’s Guide To MailChimp

A Musician’s Guide To MailChimp MailChimp is one of the more popular options for musicians’ email newsletters. It has a free tier and offers a wide range of tools and features for the pro music marketer. Like a number of smart web companies that offer services for broad markets, MailChimp has a guide to using MailChimp for Music. It combines general features musicians might find useful along with some specific to music that were new to me. Mailchimp for Musicians The MailChimp for Music guide focuses on basic MailChimp features of which you should be aware including some especially for musicians. Here are a few worth highlighting: Email-for-Download Campaign Using an integration with CASH Music, you can trade a free download for a new email address. Create An RSS-To-Email Campaign Whenever you post on your blog you can automatically send an email alert to subscribers. Socialize Your Campaign Not only does MailChimp have social features but they also have templates to allow you to generate emails based on ecommerce outlets including iTunes. Share Your Music MailChimp will host your audio files for free downloads. There are more features of interest to musicians though the above are particularly relevant. MailChimp’s templates and design options are also quite strong. You can see examples of the wide range of possibilities. MailChimp is the Leader While people often mention MailChimp’s 2000 subscriber free tier, that’s an offer you can find elsewhere. I’m really most impressed by MailChimp because they have such advanced features as A/B testing and keep adding new ones like drip email campaigns. These are the kinds of features that allow you to fine-tune marketing campaigns and develop closer relationships with fans who are likely to spend more money and see more shows. So that means MailChimp is a solid long-term tool for any musician who wants to grow their business.


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