3 Types of Small Business Content to Share on Social Media

3 Types of Small Business Content to Share on Social Media

Tiffany Winbush Jun 17, 2014

Having a solid social media strategy for your small business is important. But even if you’ve spent countless of hours perfecting your strategy, none of that matters if you don’t share the right content with your followers. Content that’s going to grab their attention, encourage them to come back for more of it and share it religiously with their network.

When you’re creating content for your social media profiles, think in terms of shared, owned and fun content. Using a combination of these three will make sure your profiles are interesting. You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, right? Well, let’s take a look at the 75%, 20% and 5% rule.

Seventy-five percent of the information you share on social media should be from external sources. Remember that social media isn’t just about broadcasting how awesome your company is. Instead, it’s about providing valuable information to your audience. Sharing content from other sources, proves to your followers that you’re committed to providing them with that valuable information, even if you’re not the source.

The next 20% of your content sharing, can be information about your company or original content that you’ve created. You own this content. For instance, if you’re a public relations consultant and you publish a company blog with tips on gaining media coverage, these are helpful tips that can help your followers. Out of courtesy, give a heads up that you’re the source of the information being sharing.

And because we should never be too serious, the last 5% of the content you share should be fun! Think of cat memes or anything else light hearted. Things that are going to give people a laugh will help make sure your social media feed doesn’t get stale. But make sure it’s not offensive to anyone, that’s not going to help you grow your presence.

Now that you know how much you should produce, it’s time to catch the attention of your social media followers with these three types of content:


Most of the social media sites encourage photo sharing because research has proven that visuals increase social media engagement. You don’t have to be proficient in Photoshop in order to create great visuals. Downloading apps such as PS Express or Pic Collage, can take a simple image from your smartphone and add filters to it or allow you to create a collage of multiple photos.


The most popular tools to create videos are vine and Instagram video. Each are simple enough to use. The differences between Vine and Instagram video are relatively small, but you’ll need to decide what works best for you. For example, an Instagram video is 15 seconds while vine videos are only six seconds. A major factor in deciding which to use is how much time you’ll need to get your message across.


You’ve probably noticed tons of quotes being shared in your social media feed. People love quotes because of the inspiration they provide. Sure you can easily share a text quote, but consider going one step farther and turning your quotes into images. The InstaQuote app lets you create text pictures that can be shared on any social media network. If you’re unsure of what to share, repurpose your favorite quote. You can also take original quotes from yourself or staff and turn it into an image.

Are you ready to get started with sharing content that will grab your followers attention? Start with one of the suggestions above to see engagement with your social media followers increase.

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Tiffany Winbush is the Social Media Manager for Hiscox USA Insurance, responsible for driving social media engagement and publishing the Hiscox Small Business blog. Tiffany lives in NYC with her tech entrepreneur husband and one year-old daughter. She is passionate about empowering women and girls and volunteers regularly with the over 100 year-old public service organization Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Tweet Tiffany at @TiffanyPR or connect with Tiffany on her blog, Women Making Moves.
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