So You Wanna Be An Artist Or Writer Or Publicist?

So You Wanna Be An Artist Or Writer Or Publicist?

By indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz).

This is an interesting twist. The same advice you give to an artist (rappers, singer, band), you can also give to a writer and/or publicist. I think there are 7 things you must prepare for in basic level, and I think this article can spin off into many responses. There are probably way more things to write about with this topic, but these 7 are very key for anyone who is embarking on a life long journey.
I believe music is an art, just as much as journalism and being a publicist. To make it into a job will take a lot of cojones and patience, and you might want to reconsider heading this route. But since I’m sure you will not reconsider it, let’s give it a whirl.

  1. Make good music that you can perform x represent great music.
    Since being part of the music world is so much of an in-person experience, try making amazing music, that you can play. If you make amazing opera music, you might be in a different work than us, but maybe it can work out provided you find the right feel. Writers and publicists who touch topics that aren’t what their brand is…will have them judged by their audience. Basically be involved with the best of the best in the brand you are trying to deliver. If you want that 200,000 email industry contact bullshit for $49, you will deal with clientele that associates with, and it doesn’t win you “fans”.
  2. Have a dope music video / column that delivers your brand.
    Music videos are the way to be in 2014. A video can describe a person so much. Let me fix that, a music video will describe you to the person as their first impression because it’s the easiest way to get to know you in 3 minutes. Audible Treats does a great podcast of their artists that is well put together, and since we trust the brand, we download it. Writers should start a column. I used to write for Ruby Horney and did interviews with people in a “fill in the blank” form. I always asked silly questions and made people fill in the blanks.

  3. Be prepared to be rejected.
    Have you ever tried Tele-marketing? It’s great practice for the music business. Imagine being rejected a lot by people for whatever reason. No …NO….not interested…I’m not into that kind of music….no. This goes for rappers, writers and publicists. You don’t know when a no will turn into the yes.

  4. Be prepared to be underpaid.
    A lot of people consider music business a hobby. What this does is compare a real writer to a “blogger”. It considers someone like MC Supernatural who gets paid tons of cash to perform with his freestyle shows to a random person who is drunk and “freestyles too.” Just because you drive a car doesn’t mean you are a race car driver, but sometimes all people need is the car. For this reason, you will be underpaid provided you don’t stick to your worth.

  5. Don’t have a backup plan.
    Anyone who ever is a part time artist or a part time writer/publicist will never fully understand how to have a full time job as an artist. I have never met a part time doctor, or a part time dentist. They put in years of work for nearly slavery (4 years college, 4 years med school, 3 years residency min, 1 year fellowships). But the pay off is great after all the years of hardwork. Notice how this time is spent working with other people.

  6. Document and publish you.
    Artists def have to put their life out on the line just like writers and publicists do, because we all know that it isn’t always objective reasons for the way things get done. Kevin Lyman recently spoke at the ASCAP conference about ways to introduce music to someone. For him specifically, you’ll want to chat about fishing and not your music. For me and people like Diamond Media 360, you’ll want to chat about collegiate wrestling. Writers and publicists do the same thing. You can’t only pitch music. People want to work with you because of you. At least in my experience…I think.

  7. You must go out.
    Kinda hard to say. You stress over time, but we all have the same amount. Go out and meet other people. You have to get clients. You have to get things to write about. You need inspiration. You need to show other people support. The internet has made everyone lazy. Stop texting and start calling. Stop sitting in the back and get in the front. Some of my biggest successes, like beaching a video game character in NBA 2k, happened because of me being out at an event. Every article I write is because I am out somewhere and get inspired to write.

Well. I think this is all a good place to start. Recently I was street performing on Hollywood BLVD and was discovered by a Vlogger named Roman Atwood, Vitaly, and Kevin Brueck. Performing for four people has gotten me over 365,000 views in the past few weeks, and inspired me to start my own 30 day vlog challenge.
Subscribe to my 30 day vlog challenge on YouTube.

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