8 Ways To Publicize Your Music Career Without Making Music

8 Ways To Publicize Your Music Career Without Making Music

By indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz).

I have been seeing some things come about in recent weeks that show me how to increase your level of publicity without having to do anything with music. As always, I try to think outside the box in terms of marketing, so let’s try and put our heads together on how we can take our career to the next level without the music. The industry folk like to say it’s all about the music…but is it really?

  1. Lose 20 – 30 pounds
    Not for nothing, but next press release you will have a picture that people will look at and say damn, you’re doing great. You look good. When people think you are attractive, this is a great thing
  2. Travel for 8 months to a foreign country to get away

During this time you can update your fan base with pictures of beauty and keep people in suspense about when you are coming back. Maybe you’ll even tell them you are never coming back. When you do, you’ll be a new person with new experiences and totally different material. The band Tennis sailed on a boat for 9 months and wrote an album.

  1. Video blog aka Vlog

I recently started street performing and came across a group of guys named Kevin Brueck and Roman Atwood and Vitaly. They all have millions of subscribers from YouTube and inspired me to start blogging. Although I haven’t released a ton of material musically, I have created already 20 blogs on my YouTube channel and see a constant increase in fans who subscribe to me. It’s still me being creative but not much more than just having fun.

  1. Run a Fundraiser

I feel like so many people are concerned with what they can get for releasing good music. In all reality, I think if you get people to come out for a good cause or be passionate about a cause, this will not only be good for what you strive but everyone wins. You use your social influence to encourage your followers to support what you support, and you gain followers from the organization and their friends who don’t know about your music. In the end, everyone wins, and great karma is continuously spread

  1. Develop a passion and share it with the world

Lots of my friends and fans are into spiritual things even though they might not live in some religious manner. For instance, reading a passage of Torah or maybe commenting on interesting articles about politics, life, education or even books and movies. A artist named K Flay does book reviews, while MegaRan is always commenting on gaming. Athough it has nothing to do with music, all it takes is a showing that you are passionate about something else besides the pursuit of your music career. People want to know you are real, instead of “hey check out my new song.”

  1. Get off drugs

This has obviously done wonders for your career. In the short span of time Andy Dick was off everything, he skyrocketed on Dancing with the Stars. Obviously it has done wonders for people like Ozzy Osborn and more.

  1. Drastic Change of Appearance

I didn’t know who Against Me! was until their lead singer had a sex change. Not only will this do wonders for the band, but now reaches out to a whole different group of people based on her new courage to become public with her sex change When Matisyahu shaved his beard, it was the “beard heard around the world.” People couldn’t stop talking about it. Now there is huge debate on weather these artists are “this” or “that.” The end result is that the people are still talking.

  1. Collaborate with others

Yesterday I did this video about How to Prank and also did a blog with him and they have over 10 k views already combined. Dennis is a passionate person and now I have lots of FaceTime with his fans.

I know it’s working because my YouTube subscriptions are going up and people are watching it. All I did was show up for a friend and help him film his videos.

Well that’s about it. I should now use this time to think about the music I should be writing. But look at me. I’m writing an article. I can mix master and record this “article song” with a mere spell check and you guys will now listen to my music//brand when you get around to it. Fact is, if you are reading my article, you are already listening to my music in a way as It has brought you value in the same way.

Drop a comment below in the comment section and let me know what things we should add?

Oh yeah, check out my latest vlog, of me rapping with Macklemore backstage and my new music video What’s Going on Upstairs.

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