How to Create a Convincing Crowdfunding Campaign Five Crowdfunding Tips for Every Campaign

A successful crowdfunding campaign is multi-faceted: there are many delicate components that must be carefully tended in order for them to all work together. In the past, we’ve discussed these components, but now it’s time to look into the ways in which a business can improve their crowdfunding cash flow after they’ve launched a campaign. Before continuing, please review the following archived articles — in case you missed them the first time!

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How to Create a Convincing Crowdfunding Campaign
Five Crowdfunding Tips for Every Campaign
#1) Establish Different Levels for Contribution

Leveling your campaign’s incentives is a great way to attract donations. By giving away large perks to the most munificent supporters, you may encourage others to follow-suit without stopping the smaller contributors from pitching-in. Consider a ladder: those who wish to climb to the top have put in the most effort and will receive accordingly; those who wish to only stand a few feet taller can still do so, but will less commendation. With various incentives available, there is going to be an option for everybody.

#2) Incorporate Unique Perks

In conjunction with tip #1, you should chose original perks as a way to boost your crowdfunding cash flow. With unique perks specific to your proposal, donors will see more reason to contribute. Although the smallest perk may not be as valuable as the “top-prize”, it should still be enticing enough to make small funders feel it is worth it to contribute. By giving away all of the best perks only to the large donors, you will in-turn reject those giving anything less, which is one of the worst worst things you can do. So, think about this carefully and do the research. Determine what will get people involved at all rungs of the ladder.

#3) Film a Video

When you first launched your campaign, you developed a story (a background) to gain supporters. Take this one step further and film a video. Since a video combines both audio and visual components, it is that much more powerful. A video is an excellent way to engage with an audience, using images, music, commentary, and much more. In addition, videos are pervasive and can go viral over night. Put the effort into filming a professional video and you will notice a huge difference in your crowdfunding cash flow.

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