Kanye West Doesn’t Just Need Cosigns For His Genius. He Needs Money For DONDA!

Kanye West Doesn’t Just Need Cosigns For His Genius. He Needs Money For DONDA!

Kanye West may actually be the hardest working ego in show business today. And he also may be building to a gigantic meltdown cause he’s been giving off lots of business-related sparks of late and I’m seeing despair and depression ahead. Louis Vuitton still won’t meet with him. Silicon Valley wants to meet but won’t date. And everybody he attacks seems to slay him so easily with dumb humor you just have to wonder how much longer this can go on.

Kanye West has really tried for a long time to break into the fashion industry beyond the Kanye-branded products for popular brands which he’s also approached seriously. But it just hasn’t gone well as he’s regularly reminded us.

Years of boiling rage and frustration finally caused him to lash out at Sway who started out the show laying on the superlatives so thick one wondered when Sway would start passing the plate for a We Worship Kanye Fund. Seriously, if Sway makes you angry, then you’ve got problems, Son.

Kanye West’s Failed Search for DONDA Funding

But maybe Kanye’s starting to melt cause Silicon Valley’s also turned down his courtship, according to Valleywag.

Apparently Kanye West invited all these digital overlords to a proposal ceremony or something? You probably know more about it than I do.

And he’s been meeting with them and asking for advice and investments related to DONDA which he hopes will “become a trillion-dollar company that completely disrupts the fashion industry.”

His pitching style is getting poor reviews:

“If you see his behavior, it’s so erratic, he’s not focused and kind of all over the place.”

Supposedly he’s also telling people in the Valley:

“I’m the next Steve Jobs.”

To cap things off, he didn’t like Tony Hsieh’s advice and started talking smack about Zappos selling “shit product.” So Zappos served him with a toilet joke and a multilayered reference to “Paris” that even managed to skewer the avant garde pretentions of current pop stars (R.Mutt will tell you).

That little episode nicely connects his rejection in the high fashion world with what will turn out to be his rejection in the tech investor community. Those VCs and tech ceos love to give advice even when they don’t know anything about what you do. Why would they want to meet with Kanye now?

So now his only friends in Silicon Valley are people like Ben Horowitz, who’s still posting rap lyric intros on his VC blog like that was cool, and people that are out to take advantage of Kanye or seek easy publicity.

Looks like tough times for Kanye’s dreams of DONDA.



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