Start over

If you threw out everything you’ve worked on so far, what would you do next? If you got rid of all of your ideas and inspiration and research and had to start from scratch, what would it look like?

First and foremost, I will be very pissed off if this was to ever happen. But you have to maintain your composure.

1. Search, and see if you had kept notes: If you had to start from scratch, make sure that kept notes prior to losing everything. Cause you may not have to start from complete scratch. You could start from where you were, or not as far.

2. Remember what you had done, and go from there: If you remember what you have done prior, would shed some light from what you were doing. Also, like the first point if you can remember you may not have to start competely from scratch.

3. Take a little break: Take a little break, a breather from everything. Reconsolidate everything that you had done, KEEP NOTES this time around so won’t have to do the same thing again.

4. Make a gameplan or plan of attack: Now since you might, might not have taken a little break, and gotten yourself together. Reanalyze, and plan what your going to do to start over, and execute your plan. You never know it may be what you might need to break where you were stuck at. Or maybe not, see what happens. Hopefully you may not need to go through this.



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