Look to your beacons

If you step back and look at the two or three things at the very heart of what it is you’re trying to do, how can they help guide your decisions and provide direction on what to do next?

This is a good idea to analyze because this is asking you to actually take a step back, see what you have in front of you, and see what the next step is, admire what you have done, also push you to what you want to do next.

Either the next step in the project, or the next project after your current one has ended. Look back and see what other people have done as well, compared to what you have done. The way I look at it is, look at the people that you admire. For example, I like doing music production, and  being a Dj as a hobby that I would like to make as a living. My point is look at your inspiration in your field. And compare your work, or progress to what you have done, to other people that have the same achievements, or accomplishments and see what you’ve done stacks up to it.


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