Disconnect from the work

Turn on a movie or really loud music, talk with a friend or co-worker, or do something else while at the same time working. This way your subconscious is disconnected from the conscious work.

This is a good piece of advice, I do this on the regular. Meaning that I like to multitask with pretty much everything that I do. When it comes to looking at tv, sports, movies or whatever is on tv. A lot of times I do it mostly with my blog posts that I do every week. I would usually find stories to share from the internet. Or share some great ideas, I do a lot of this either while I’m out with family, driving to work, on my breaks at work and what not. But I usually have these post coming from whatever, and whenever. And I save a lot of it for whenever I get the chance to finish it off when I get the chance.


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