Talk with yourself

Find a few minutes to sit down somewhere quiet and talk to yourself about being stuck. What is preventing you from moving forward? Are you afraid of something? How do you feel about your situation?

I can definitely relate to this one “no doubt about it.” LOL!!

Ok this was a habit that I still use today. I actually got this habit from my mother. She would from time to time when I was a kid, of course when she thought she was by herself in a room. But she would actually have a conversation with herself, she wouldn’t answer herself. But yet still have a full-blown conversation with herself. And after a while of this going on. I to had picked it up, and let me tell you. This actually had calmed down over situations that had made me mad, angry, sad, disappointed, and etc. And for years, I would say that “I’m my own best friend.” Which I still believe today. I had friends and everything, but from time to time I couldn’t get a hold of them. So what I would do is console myself for guidance and stuff like that. Yea so getting back to the creative idea here. So if this is your first time doing this. Look at it this way. Your not going crazy or anything, this is like you are talking your friends, co workers at work, or your business partners just making sure that you are making the best decisions for yourself, and so forth. So give it a go. It may seem like your going crazy but you’re not. It’s worth it, give it a try.


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