Escape all pressures

Author and actor John Cleese had it right: “You can’t become playful, and therefore creative, if you’re under your usual pressures.” What can you remove to feel less pressured?

This is a great quote from one of the great author, and actors. And what he is trying to say to find a way, to escape your pressures that you may have on a daily basis. For instance, your daily pressures could be work, kids, wife/girlfriend, or even parents. Whatever it may be, find out when your next day off from work is, or when are the kids are not going to be around you for the moment, or when are you going to see or be with your wife, or girlfriend again. Those things could be stress relief as well. Another example is when I started to see my latest girlfriend, when we started seeing each other. I would come up from Maryland, to Pennsylvania to see her. I would mostly come up when we didn’t have neither of our kids were around (not like we didn’t want them around or anything just a some time away from them.) I had noticed that I had a lot of stress was taken away from being with her. And was able to release a lot of my creativity that way.


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