Look at each step that got you to where you are now. If you backtrack one step at a time, where will you end up?

For some people this suggestion might mean that you are second guessing yourself. But for me a person that has a bad short term memory. This is actually good thing because if you do everything straight through with stopping or double checking you may get a lot done which is great by the way. But backtracking and seeing where you may have problems, or you may find some new problems that may present itself to you afterwards. For instance, one person that had read one of my post. Had to me about the proper grammar that I have used for the post. But I had to mention to the reader that this is how I write, and it separates me from other authors (not taking anything away from any other authors). But the suggestion that this person had mentioned and I never really used that much until after I have read the comment. Is the spell check function (believe me it helps a lot),  also backtrack and reread what I have written because I do tend to make errors in my writing myself.


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