Top 10 music tumblr blogs

So if you’ve been living under a rock with no wireless connection, you may not know that Tumblr is the new cool blogging platform that all the cool kids are using (so we figured we’d better get on it before we get cyber bullied into it anyway).
Check out our Radar Tumblr here for the very latest in new independent music… we’ll share all the best new tracks we find, and your reactions can help us figure out what to add to our playlist!
In setting up the Tumblr blog, I painstakingly went through (oh who am I kidding it was awesome) and followed all of the coolest music Tumblr’s I could find and figured – why not share this info with all of you hardcore music lovers?

So here you go…

1. Gorilla Vs. Bear
Gorilla Vs. Bear is probably my fave music blog of all time. It’s managed by Chris Cantalini who is so onto new music it’s frightening. Follow if your into the more obscure indie bands and hip hop.

2. Yvynl
A Tumblr run by a dude with mad music taste and good industry cred – enough said! Pitchfork listed his top album list on their site, so chops for that right there!

3. Ears of the Beholder
A great source for unheard of, rare B-sides and new music. A dude called Peter from San Fran manages it and has since co-founded a record label, City Limits Records off the back of it – so he must know his shit!

4. Tunage
With over 10 hardcore music fans contributing to this little Tumblr gem, you’re bound to chance upon a new track you haven’t heard from a genre you love.

5. Kyle Dean
This guy takes some really beautiful photos of artists and bands. Really nice angles and ideas that make them stand out from the masses. Nice work kid.

6. Copy Cats
Hit this if you’re into cool mashups and covers – by good artists of course! This Tumblr is totally devoted to finding and posting at least one a day. Schweeeet.

7. Music to have Sex to
I’m intrigued by anyone who has the balls to dictate what music should/shouldn’t turn you on. Creators/founders Jose Jimenez and Jessica Kelley post new tracks every day so you will it can be “bizness time” 24/7!

8. Glo-fi Must Die
A great little indie/dance music blog with an even greater title. I pressed play on their player and the 1st three tracks I heard were both new and awesome! Test passed.

9. Hipster Runoff
These guys are very tongue-in-cheek social commentators, focused on pop culture in general, not just music. With article titles like, Bon Iver does infomercial for lower back pain to appeal to aging cool dads they’ve got my vote!

10. You’ll soon know Us
A Tumblr dedicated to posting music by cool new indie bands. What more do you want?

If you know of any other good ones, hit us up in the comments 🙂 or on our Tumblr!



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