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Make it a joke

Making a joke out of a problem or situation ultimately lets you emotionally distance yourself from the reality of restrictions, results, or consequences. Sometimes that’s all you really need to be creative.

Another way to look at your  situation, or problem that you’re trying to solve. Is to sit back take a break, and see whats your take of the situation. Specially if you’re looking at it in a comical view. Laughter is good to poke fun at yourself, and what you’re doing. And maybe if you do that for a while you may find something that might help solve your problem.


about 10 yrs ago, my father had bought a drum set for himself, so after a month or two, I started to teach myself how to play the drums, and after month or two. I had gotten the idea on how to play the drums. Then one or two christmas's later my parent's had gotten me a student guitar, so after i got it. I had practiced and practiced and wasn't getting it at all. So I was determined to learn the guitar so after the holidays was over I had started taking lessons. And the first thing that I had learned that I was a left handed guitar playing (which I found to be pretty odd since I was right handed person and a little dislect. Its means that I can understand things backwards then forwards but for me that doesn't happen to me alot.) But once I had found out that I had to play the guitar that way, It had made things alot easier and better to understand. So once I had understood that I started to multi tasking in music lessons as in started to bass guitar, and playing piano, as well started to learning how to read music pretty well at a rapid pace.The worse thing that had happened to me was, I was laid off from my current job at the time. And then I tried to get into studio engineering, i had called a lot different studios asking if they had a need for a apprentice for a studio engineer, at the time everyone that i had called and asked they all said no. Until last year when me and my wife had came up with hayes inc. I had no idea how i could display my talent until I understood that i could do it over the internet. The things that I had learned while not involving myself with music. Was delvoping a good ear as a instrument and as a tool. And my taste for music had broaded dramatically.

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