Plan it out

Create a list of at least 10 very basic things you can do to move forward with your project or struggle right now. Make them actionable and check each off as you go. Start now, don’t wait.

With this creative idea, I believe that you should have a plan for everything. Be goal oriented about everything, not just for your projects but in life in general. Plan out your day everyday, plan out how you are going to pay your bills, plan out what you’re having for lunch. You shouldn’t even start a project without having a plan. But yet if you do all this that I have mentioned, then only thing  that you’re doing is planing how to get out of your rut that you’re in at the moment. My way that I would plan for when you are in a rut in your progress to finish your project, job, or whatever the problem maybe. You should do a cause & an effect plan, see what will happen if you do this, and what would happen if you do that. Look at all your apples, and oranges before making any kind of decision, and see if whatever that you decides is worth doing.


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  1. Thank you for the shout out! I hope it’s something your readers enjoy!

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