Take a risk

What’s the riskiest (but intelligently so) thing you can do right now to propel your creativity? What’s the second and third? Pick one and try it right now.

Ok I’ll admit that I don’t like taking risk unless I know for a fact that it will benefit me. If not then I most likely won’t take it. Now I not saying don’t take risks. But I say make sure that it is worth risking and ask yourself what will I benefit from it, and won’t benefit from it. And decide to yourself will it be worth it either way. This idea is kinda like going on a blind date as well. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. You never seen this person before. Like most people going on  a blind date you would look on people’s Facebook page to get info on the person, search their criminal records and so forth to see what is wrong with your date. I say do the same thing before you take any kind of risk. Specially if it involves money check out everything that is being offered, and talked about with you, contracts, just to see what your walking into. So I say like before in this post is do your homework and see if it’s worth taking the risk that you may have been offered, or heard about it. And be careful.


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