What would an animal do?

Try to view your situation from the eyes of an animal. What would you do differently if you were a wolf, or a cat, or a dog, or a hummingbird?

Ok you might look at this and wonder what does have to do with me? Well, some things that animals do, are some of the things that we can do to make things easier for us to understand. If you have a pet, or pets at home and they see things that there not familiar with. Look at what they do. 1. Look at what is there: see if you can see what the situation is.

2. Decide if you can handle the problem yourself: see if you can do it

yourself, or with other people involved.

3.  See if the situation is worth even dealing with: Seeing if you can

gain any kind of goal from it, seeing what could be the possible

resolution to the situation, And seeing if it is even worth dealing


These are the possible things that humans, and animals use all the time to figure out some of their problems. In regards to figuring out how to solve their situations.


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