Go cook something

Cooking enables you to relax your mind by focusing you on a single task. It also excites the part of your brain that is used for creative planning and problem solving. Plus, you’ll end up with something to eat!

So true that this idea is cooking does get you to think about something else specially if your hungry. While after your cooking, or even getting ready to cook. You could use your creativity to find, or even create something to eat for yourself, for someone else, maybe for your family, or kids. And at that time let your creativity go wild and see what you can create with what you have. And while at the same time you could think of your idea, or project that your working outside of cooking. And after that your done you can finish it. Or my best idea is also, if your like me I have a lot of ideas that to me, while yet I can execute it, if I’m cooking or whatever I’m doing at the time. So have some kind of way that you can jot done the ideas and then use them later when you have the time. So again, cook and let your creativity come out and see what you can create.


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