Look for competition

Find someone who is trying to do the same thing you are. How are they going about it and what could you try differently? If this were a contest what would you do to win starting now?

Well in my personal task, of being a good Dj. I had made a contest with my cousin who doesn’t know it. But it is all in fun for me nothing personal to either one of us. But I like to see what he is doing to be good in his advancements of being a good rapper in the indie hip hop scene in the DC/MD/VA areas, and he is doing quite well at it. What he does is he likes to perform. Where for me since I just moved to PA. I now have another state to market to, even though I am not really setting my goals in certain in states but all over the united states. I’m more into the marketing over the internet, with my blogs, music licensing, and Twitter, and Facebook. I’ve been ok for myself with spending little, or not much money at all. But I know that I’m good at what I’m doing as well, I do have potential in what I’m doing as well. So overall I just want to see between me, and my cousin how good can we become.


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