Do something boring

Do the dishes, sort clothes or stacks of paper, or do something else that is fairly boring. When you do boring things your subconscious is free to work on the problem or project while your conscious mind is occupied.

Doing something boring no matter what it is to you. This can also bring new ideas to you, when thinking about them. This can be anything from doing dishes, taking a shower, driving to work, listening to music, being at work, anything that will you thinking.


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  1. Kelley Bode says:

    This is very true for me. It is always at the most inconvenient boring times (like work) that I come up with my best ideas. And it feels like I never finish a chore because I will come up with an idea during and then go to work on it before I lose momentum.

  2. aura jade says:

    thank you for linking my blog post! have a great day.

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