Take a shower

Edward de Bono once explained: “some of the best results come when people stop to think about things that no one else has stopped to think about.” The shower is the perfect place to stop and think about your problem.

I think that the shower is one of them, for me there are others. For example, washing dishes, sleeping, driving (anywhere), and my favorite, and my worst place is at work. What I mean by that is that I can come up with alot of brilliant ideas at work. Mostly coming up with new songs. The only problem I have with it is, and also is the worst thing to happen to me is. That I can’t write down the ideas, but before I had moved to Pennsylvania to work at my new job, I would record the beat, or the ideas musically in my head and put them in my voice recorder and then would try to remember what the idea was later when I’m ready to make it into a musical composition.


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