Creative ideas using oflow/ Write a story

Well I recently came up with a great idea for my blog here on WordPress/Blogger/Tumblr/and Digg. Start a creative ideas blog. Well everyday I get updates from a great phone app on my iPhone called Oflow, and what it does it sends me creative ideas so you won’t have writer’s block which I like. So now I want to share those ideas with my readers. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Look at your project or problem as a story you’re trying to tell. Who or what is the protagonist? Who, or what are they battling and how does the story develop from here?

I personally use this technique all of the time myself while writing a song. Everything must have a beginning, a middle, and a end. And that everything must be one and the same when your done. If none of these pieces don’t fit then your not done yet. And must keep working at it till it’s done.


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