Can’t sleep 4

Well after surviving a terrible year ending to 2011, it is finally 2012. So January of the new year, starts off miserable. Not like I expected it to start off with a magic wand in my hand and puff. So I can wave it and all the bad things that had happened to me in the 2011 will all disapear. “NOT!!!”, not here dawg, not in the least. But getting back to my story. I had moved in with a woman friend, that I was seeing back in September of 2011. But I had left my wife, in September as well. Because of some major problems that we were having at the time. So I had moved in with my lady friend at the time. And I had lived there until the middle of January, she had stated that there were problems within our relationship. So I had moved back with my parents, which I thought I would regret. But actually my parents had been very supportive of me. While yet let me remind you I haven’t worked since Christmas Eve of 2011. While yet also I have not seen or heard from my adopted (not legally adopted) daughter. She is 6 years old now. Me and wife were talking when I could see my daughter, at this time I was living with my friend. But no sooner that I got kicked out of her house, and back to my parent’s house. “Puff” here is my daughter, at my parent’s house. Also, at the same time the period that I didn’t see my daughter, my parent’s have not seen her either. So when I moved in to my parent’s house. My daughter was there for a visit for a few days, so me and parent’s had thought. But we had found out that she had moved in with us as well. Her mother, my wife had said that she was coming to get my daughter, but till this day she is still here. Me, and my parent’s believe that she (my daughter) is not going anywhere at all. So we gone through January still looking for work. I had went to the welfare office by my parent’s house hoping to get some food stamps so I can get some food for myself, while yet bring in food for my parent’s house as well. Not like my parent’s need food or anything but it was for the thought that counts. Ok so after visiting the welfare office, I was denied of food stamps. At that time I was shocked, and mad cause I was going to school at the time. The welfare office had told me that if I was going to school, and not working any kind of job that I would be denied. My first reaction of course was “if I had a job, then I wouldn’t need food stamps in the first place” DAH !!!! But all in all that had fell through. So from that point on I was more determined to find a job then ever. So as of 2-14-12 I had started a new job. Hooray, hooray !!!! for me. So I started this new job where my orientation was at 8 am. Something I haven’t done in a minute at a job. But I sucked it up and got to my new job bright and early, thinking that I was getting out early, even though everybody at the orientation thought the same thing I did which was orientations don’t take all day for no apparent reason. But in our case that day, so after 2 pm that afternoon our orientation was over. So we thought we were going home “WRONG”. So we were put to work for the remainder of the day. Which was from 2 – 5 pm, ok so after I got through orientation. So I start working the graveyard shift at my new job. My hours are 10pm – 8:30am yes you see it correctly it is 10 hours. Something I have never done before until now. So I imbraced this new shift with open arms, taken whatever is given to me at this time. In desperate need of a job. So after being there a few hours I had realized how ridicously slow the time was moving. And keep saying to myself “I have to be here for 10 hours, 10 hours WOW!!!”. This is so tedious what my job description is. But after a couple weeks of doing this I finally got use to doing the job. But it didn’t help my sleep much. When I got off work, from day to day I couldn’t sleep at all. And then when my days off came around then first day of my 3 days off. That’s all I did was sleep all day, and all night. I was so use to sleeping for a few hours and then getting up to do whatever. Not this time I went to bed after I drove home from work. When I got off work that morning. All I did was sleep from the time I got home, for a few hours. And then when I did get up I got myself something to eat and after sat down watched tv with my daughter, to fall right back to sleep. And then after I put her in bed. I went back down stairs again to watch tv again, to do the very same thing again. Fell right back to sleep. I was very amazed at myself. Those days at work had knocked me the **** out!!! So again after working there for a few weeks my body got use to it. So I thought, so now recently I can’t stay up all night when I off work. Normally I would sleep most of the day away and be up all night. Not now!! Hopefully this won’t turn into anything real bad. But as always I will let you guys, my followers, and readers now what is going on. Later, Dueces for now.

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