New Music Marketing Opportunities On Tumblr, Instagram, And Chill (Hypebot)

New Music Marketing Opportunities On Tumblr, Instagram & Chill

JuxtagramBeing an early adopter has its pluses and minuses. You can get wrapped up in chasing every new thing and lose site of your overall goal. But if you’re already involved with a service or platform, new developments can give your music marketing a fresh look. For example, Tumblr is now offering highlighted posts for a buck and Jux has introduced a photoblog option for Instagram pics. Chill is also trying something new with a pivot from being a group video viewing service to becoming a video sharing site.

Highlight Your Music Content on Tumblr

On Friday Tumblr announced the introduction of highlighted posts. For a dollar you get a small colorful tag beside a specific item in your feed with a variety of choices.


“Reblogged” via I’ll find it from my helicopter…

Given the graphic-heavy nature of much Tumblr content, it’s hard to imagine this feature offering much of a marketing boost. It seems more like a fun personalization option. However, if you do something funny or otherwise interesting and do it soon, then you might be able to get some media coverage on content hungry tech and/or music blogs.

Of course, you could just go meta with some commentary and use the tag “highlighted posts” which is how I found the above illustration.

Display Your Instagram Band Pics with Jux

Jux, a really cool looking blogging platform that builds on what folks have learned from services such as Tumblr, recently announced the addition of Instagram to Facebook and Flickr as sources for pics.

The basic idea is that you connect your Jux and Instagram accounts, choose Instagram pics while scrolling through thumbnails and then Jux provides an appropriate layout option to fit the Instagram format.

That’s not the only reason to take a look at what Jux can do for sharing your band and show pics on the web, iPhones and iPads. But, if that doesn’t work for you, there are now lots of options for displaying your Instagram pics.

Share Your Music Videos on

Chill launched back in August and was soon known as the “ for Videos.” I ended up offering invites to whoever friended me on Facebook and a number of people took me up on the offer, but I didn’t hear much about Chill after that.

Last month Chill rebooted as a video sharing site. I soon started getting email updates that various Facebook friends were now following me on Chill so I got the feeling the new version was attracting some activity.

But it turns out that, when I logged in, I was immediately following all my Facebook friends that had accounts. Plus my account was gradually populating with videos I shared on Facebook as well as some from folks I had autofollowed. If nothing else, Chill has designed a site that gives one the feeling of action, unlike their initial version which felt totally dead every time I visited.

That said, a lot of the videos being featured on the homepage do have numerous views so something’s happening and it may be a good point to start sharing your music videos there. But if you do check out the new Chill, evaluate it for actual activity and interest in what you’re doing. It’s far too easy to spin one’s wheels hoping something will happen and lose the script for your rise to superstardom!

Hypebot Features Writer Clyde Smith maintains his freelance writing hub at Flux Research and music industry resources at Music Biz Blogs. To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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