WTF 2 (Commissioner’s Office)

Well after finally coming home safely thank god for that. I was totally mad at myself, and what had happened to me. So the next day I had a friend drive me to the Commissioner’s office to find out what was my fate. So I make it down there, and I ended up being in the commissioner’s office while he was dealing with an inmate (I guess but not sure). So I was seating there while he was dealing with the inmate. The Commish didn’t even know I was there. So when he did find out he told me to go wait in the public waiting room. So I did and after he was done, he came out to get me. So I was seating talking to him to find out what was going to happen. So he had me sign some papers, about a public defender. And then signed some papers. But basically what had happened was that my court date is like 3 months away, which pretty damn cool, I gotta say. Then also come to find out that if I pay my fines for my two tickets that I had for 2011 before the court date then everything else will be dropped. But again I still have to show up for court on that date. But knowing that everything will be dropped when I get there again pretty damn cool. But the same problem does remain which is that I can’t drive on a suspended license. Also, what sucks is that I have to be driven around in my own truck. which is also kinda funny in a sense. Since most of the time I’m the one given rides to people. Which sucks but yet I know what I have to do to fix the problem. So again I will keep everyone posted on whats going on.

Dueces, for now and please comment on this and any other posts that is here.


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