Can’t Sleep (not related to the other post)

I have recently started a terrible habit that I hate. Insomnia, hate with a little passion. Because it like takes almost forever me to get rid of for me. Well it started like this I was off work this morning I don’t remember when it was but it really doesn’t really matter just the fact that it was in the month of December. So anyway getting back to my random thought, my girlfriend wanted me to go with her to see her 6 year old son in a play that his kindergarten class was doing at a senior citizen home where we live at. And I agreed to go. So I decided to stop at Sheetz, if anyone doesn’t know its a convenient store/ gas station. So I went in a got Red Bull so I wouldn’t fall asleep during his play so I drank it, and watched his play. And if anyone wanted to know he played “Max” the dog in the play “How the Grinch stole Christmas” by Dr. Suess well at least the book is. But anyways, the play was great, and he was adorable in the play. But the point is that after all that I could not get to sleep til at least 2 in the afternoon that day. Which kinda made me mad. And every since then I have been up ever since then after I get off from work in the morning. But with me not working now maybe I can break that cycle up, you can read that post in “No work, no money 3”. Last time I had this problem, I was working with a friend of my ex-wife’s boyfriend, and at that time, I was in between jobs then too, but this was like almost over 10 years ago. At that time me, and him and his other co-workers of his would always stop at 7-eleven to get drinks and etc. So what I always did was get at least two bottles of ice tea with gen sing in it. And I had drank them faithfully for a month, the length of time I was doing roofing jobs before I found out that this is not my line of work. So yea I had energy for the whole day, and was tired and slept during the night until the next morning. But what I didn’t realize was that it stayed in my body, even when I stopped drinking it. So I think it took me like 2 to 3 months for my body to stop reacting to the gen sing from the tea. So that’s my story about me drinking anything like Red Bull, so hopefully this will end soon. Since now that I have the time to let my body rest. So as usual please leave me your comments on this post. Or on any other post that I have. So Dueces for now later.

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