No work, No money (continues from can’t sleep blog)

well, like I said in the title this continued after I got up from having a couple hours of sleep that I did get. So I human resources at my current job and they told me since I left the previous building in Baltimore. the current building( remind you I just transferred building not the job itself.) But anyway the point being all the information that was in Baltimore for me working there,was supposing transferred to the building. But. Human resources told me that they can’t put the fing information in there computer system. Which also since I not in there system I can’t work, which also means I don’t get paid. Specially since I did work three days last week. So I asked a question that really couldn’t be answered by human resources. Which was “So If you guys can’t get the problem fixed, then what?” The woman on the phone sounded like the cat had got her tongue, so the only I got was that they definitely try to get the problem solved by today sometime, and if it wasn’t fixed by Friday. That they would try to write me a check for the hours that I did work. Hopefully, by Friday all this crap will be settled. So until next time I keep everyone posted on what’s going on. Later.

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