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Monday, September 27, 2010
Ravens winning over the Browns (part II)
Well I’m back to finish off the second of my Ravens blog: I want to start off by saying Why do the refs are always hating on Baltimore? Please answer me this question? So on that note let me start. 1WinningDrive: The #Ravens’ streak of not allowing a touchdown lasted nine quarters and 14 minutes, 46 seconds. Peyton Hillis gets in on the left side on a 1-yard gain. TOUCHDOWN Browns. This guy is a beast! a picture of Peyton Hillis And now here comes the Penalty fest!!!!!!!!! And on one play a Browns recieve had caught a pass short of a first down, and then when the ref put the ball back on the field to start the next play. The ref gave the Browns the first down, given them 2 to 3 extra inches for the first “WTF”. 1WinningDrive: Derrick Mason gets flagged for delay of game for tossing the ball behind him in the air. A frustration penalty. At this point of the game to add insult to injury of the game, here is Peyton Hillis again, scoring another touchdown for the Browns: 1WinningDrive: Browns RB Peyton Hillis now has 19 carries for 141 yards. Wow!!! He’s a beast!!!!!! 1WinningDrive: Big scrum on a false start. Todd Heap jumped off and the Browns seemed to start the fight. Who gets the flag? How many more penalties can the ravens get? Really? Guess who the penalty was on? Thats right the Ravens again. 1WinningDrive: #Ravens’ Michael Oher is penalized for unnecessary roughness 15-yards. Oher took a swing at Robaire Smith after Smith got physical with Heap. Now comes the fun part the game highlights: Browns vs Ravens game highlights And the post game press conferences Browns press conference after the game. Post game press conference the Ravens: Ravens post game press conference
Posted by dj duece at 12:02 AM
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