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Defense Can Pressure Despite Short Drops
Posted by jellis at 9/23/2010 1:55 PM CDT
After knocking down Jay Cutler six times in Chicago’s first two possessions on Sunday, the Bears made some adjustments to limited the impact of the Cowboys’ pass rush.

One way they kept Cutler alive was by calling more quick passes, three-step drops and throws before the likes of DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer could get to the quarterback. It was effective, so, this being a copycat league, the defense will have to be ready to see more of it.

Spencer said the pass rush can still make things difficult for Matt Schaub and quarterbacks they face in the future, but the results may be different. They probably won’t pile up as many sacks as they do forced incompletions, maybe even tipped passes that wind up being intercepted, something the defense is desperately lacking.

“Just be more aggressive and try to get a little bit more penetration,” Spencer said. “That;s all really you can do, try and get your hands up when they’re taking three-step drops. They try to take away from the rush, but at the same time you’ve still go to rush.

“The push up the middle is probably the best thing for it because he’s up in the pocket. It’s easy for the tackles to set the edge if the quarterback’s not getting as deep.”


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