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A Change In The Practice Schedule
Posted by jellis at 9/24/2010 10:14 AM CDT
Wade Phillips promised change, but couldn’t really give specifics this week, saying most of what needed to be handled would be done in practice, or behind closed doors, or by tweaking the schedule.

Here’s the first visible example – Friday’s practice is starting about 15 minutes earlier than usual. Hard to say there’s any real reason for doing so, but the Cowboys will start at 10:15 a.m. today, the time Phillips usually holds his week-ending press conference.

Everything else the Cowboys have been doing differently in preparation for Houston has been kept secret. The coach certainly wasn’t divulging any secrets during Thursday’s press conference.

“To sit here and tell you everything I told the players, every specific thing we changed, all those things, I don’t know,” Phillips said. “Get out the waterboard and let’s go, if this is an interrogation let’s do it. But if it’s just talking about football, I don’t think everybody out there wants to know what we do on this technique and that technique.

“You’re asking for specific changes, and overall I said we changed a lot of things. I told you we changed practice schedule, I told you we changed some other things. Every single thing, I don’t think, is that important. But maybe it is, maybe everybody is out there waiting.”


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