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Tuesday, September 21, 2010Cowboys game on sunday against the Bears
Sorry let start of by saying I didn’t see this game at all, now I wished I did. So let me get started by the pre-game videos first. A match up of the Bears and Cowboys in week 2. Here is a playbook preview of the game with details on how Dallas could’ve won last sunday. Warren Sapp mentions in this video why Tony Romo should watching out for Julius Peppers Here are game highlights from what I had seen it look like the same crap that happened against the Redskins, play great throughout the game, and then screw up a few big keys in the game. And you lose this is the kinda shit the Cowboy do not need to tart off a season with this is the kind of cramp that should’ve been care of in the pre-season, but it carries on to the regular season instead. Here is Jay Cutler in a after the game interview on what it took to beat the Cowboy’s in this game. The Bear’s post game press conference The Cowboy’s post game press conference I hope this a rut that they can get themselves out of.
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