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Monday, September 20, 2010Raven’s highlights against the Bengals
Was not a good day for the boys in purple. Going up against Batman & Robin, and Carson Palmer. To start off with touchdowns were very limited, I believe it was only 1 exactly one from the Ravens. So we start with a interview from TJ Houshmandzadeh about the match up against the Bengals and him making his first appearence as a Raven in cinncy. Now trash talking from Ochocinco about what he claims he going to the Ravens defending in the game. Let me a great point here Ray Lewis should’ve put another on Chad Ochocinco this year like he did last year, just to shut his ass up. Now on to the highlights of the game: nflnetwork: RT @JasonLaCanfora: Landry drops a would-be INT at the 5. Bengals kick a field goal and lead, 3-0.
1WinningDrive: Flacco intercepted by Bengals CB Pacman Jones on a pass for Anquan Boldin. Flacco 2-for-7 with an INT. Flacco chatting with Jim Zorn Believe me this was just for starters for Joe Flacco. It gets worse for Flacco and the Raven’s! Here was the only touchdown in the game, Flacco to Mason for 35 yards. Now after that touchdown, thats when everything had gone down hill for Joe Flacco. Here with interception #2: Here is one of Ray Rice’s runs for the afternoon :1WinningDrive: Did you see Ray Rice blow up a Bengal

s defender on Joe Flacco’s run outside? Rice and ground game churning early on at this time Rice had only for about (I’m not exactly sure I think about 10 to 15 yards on that carry.) Now on his second big run this alot bigger than the first one: Now that was all of Ray Rice for the afternoon the Ravens had given the ball to Willis Mcghee but he only averaged out 10 yards for the game. Mclain only was given the ball once for three yards. And Joe Cool ran the ball for a little bit as well to first downs through out the game he ran for 9 yards. Mostly the Bengals had shut down the run for the Ravens. But I can’t say the same for the run game of the Bengals Cedric Benson had ran over the Ravens through out the game for 78 yards. He pound out the yards through the whole game. Now getting to Batman & Robin for the game, neither one of them had scored in the game, like I had said earlier the Bengals had not scored a touchdown the whole game. A big plus for the Raven’s so far this year. But T.O. had a nice reception in the game. In this next highlight I must ask where was the special teams guys on this play? Interception #3 Joe Flacco I don’t need to say much here: Interception # 4 and thank god the final one for the game: Now throughout the game I have been getting messages from fans on facebook, and twitter all wondering the same thing where the hell is Flacco throwing too KYLE BOLLER notice the trend in all these interceptions. Over throws and everything else. Todd Heap had a few catches for the game 4 to be exact for a total of 35 yards for the afternoon and this one for 19 yards as well Also this marked his 5000th…


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