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Home/ TheFeed/ Stan Lee Calls Upon Gamers To Organize Subscribe to TheFeed Stan Lee Calls Upon Gamers To Organize Leave a Comment Posted 5 days ago – By Stephen Johnson
Comic book legend Stan Lee is joining the fight for video game freedom. Lee has issued a statement calling on gamers to help the cause of freedom by joining the Video Game Voters Network.
In an open letter addressed to gamers, Lee says:
“The more things change, as they say, the more they stay the same. Substitute video games for comic books and you’ve got a 21st century replay of the craziness of the 1950s. States have passed laws restricting the sale of video games and later this year, the Supreme Court will hear a case about one of those laws, this one passed in California. Why does this matter? Because if you restrict sales of video games, you’re chipping away at our First Amendment rights to free speech and opening the door to restrictions on books and movies”
So far, over a quarter million people have joined the VGVN, a free membership grassroots organization that takes action on issues affecting computer and video games. Have you?

If you haven’t joined yet, both Stan Lee and I urge and implore you to give up a moment of your time and join the fight. Here’s the link. Take a moment of your time, and sign up. I’ll leave it to Stan to make the case:
“By joining the VGVN, you’ll be telling our political leaders that you care enough about the games you play to use your voice and your vote to help those who recognize the realities and benefits of gaming and punish those who try to restrict both your access to games and your rights. Please join and participate. It’ll be good for your constitution”
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Stan Lee Calls Upon Gamers To Organize
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