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Monday, September 13, 2010Ravens 1st game
Well, well, well. Here it is the first Raven game of the season. This game was nothing more than a good rivial game between The Baltimore Ravens Vs. The New York Jets. This happened even before the game even got started. 1WinningDrive: GAME NOTE: Six 1st downs via penalties are the most the #Ravens have ever had in a game in team history
This just the beginning of the first half of the game, the two teams are still fighting with one another within this half of the game.
1WinningDrive: Antonio Cromartie’s hold bails #Ravens out. One of the other things that had been going on during the game that Cromoartie a jet corner back, the ravens would utilizing the fact that they was making alot of mistakes that was costing the jets alot of yardage. Now the ravens as well were doing the same thing but that had all changed in the second half of the game. 1WinningDrive: #Ravens stuff Jets on 3rd and 2. Jets are 0-for-6 on 3rd downs now. The Ravens had been doing this through out the whole game. 1WinningDrive: And there it is again. Boldin up top. #Ravens in the red zone. Boldin’s first 2 catches as a Raven and they were both beauties. 1WinningDrive: There’s the value of a deep threat.1WinningDrive: Great by Joe Flacco. Escapes the blitz and pass on 3rd down to Anquan Boldin puts #Ravens in Jets territory.

Long finds Anquan Boldin on an out route. Boldin has 106 yards receiving now. 1WinningDrive: BTW, to put the Jets penalties in perspective, they had 16 more penalty yards than total offensive yards in first half. Wow. I’m just let the highlights show what else had happened in the game. Now the post game comments from both coaches:

1. Coach Harbaugh/Flacco/Nata post game comments: 2. Coach Rex Ryan comments: Well there you have it The Ravens first win.

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