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Sunday, September 12, 20101st week of the football season
The first week of the football always has always been interesting to watch. Now of course every fan wants their team to win. For me it was the Cowboys and Redskins playing in Washington, Where to begin with this terrible showing of the Dallas Cowboys. Now for me the Cowboys had looked out through out the first half, not really impressing me at all. I thought you know everything was going to get better as the game had went along. (NOT) it got worse for them. Redskins CB DeAngelo Hall strips the ball from Cowboys RB Tashard Choice and struts it in for six. For more, go to
In this clip you see a bad ending to the first half of the game, a fumble that had turned into a touchdown. Dallas WR Miles Austin beats coverage for a 4-yard TD from QB Tony Romo. The only Cowboy’s touchdown that in the game from the Cowboy’s.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo’s possible game-winning TD was taken back due to a holding penalty against Cowboys OT Alex Barron.
If the end of the first half wasn’t bad here is a very costly end of the game play that could have tied the game up for the Cowboy’s. But HELL no that wasn’t the case. The game just happened to end on a flag that cost the Cowboy’s the game. Hopefully, On the rest of the season doesn’t end up this way. Hopefully, tomorrow The Raven’s are going to look better than the Cowboy’s did. The only thing I will say about the Redskins is the fact Donavan McNabb looked good out on the field tonight! Donavan looks like he never lost a step out there on the field tonight. So I’ll be back tomorrow for the Ravens vs Jets game wrap up.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Hey great blog you got here! Keep up the great work man. I think that the Redskins showed a lot in the first game of the season even though the numbers may not have shown it. The offence could have finished some of their drives and the O-line was very solid. The offence probably could use some more time to become accustomed to their new quarterback but those things take time. The defence was just stellar IMO. I think a lot of signs point to good things for the new look Washington Redskins. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I would really love to hear your opinion on my thoughts.

    1. djduece says:

      Thanks Chris for checking out my blog, I’m not a big Redskin’s fan myself but yet I also like watching all of the teams in the nfl play as well. I do like some of the changes the redskins have made mostly with McNabb as the new QB and Shannan as the head coach. I think there going to turn some heads this season as well. And again thanks for checking it out.

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