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Saturday, August 21, 2010The ravens vs the redskins
Wow just got finished watching the Ravens,Redskins game. Pretty good game through out until the second half, or the fourth quarter exactly. At that time thats when the redskins decided to fall off in the game, they were playing through out most of it. Even though the Raven’s were beat them to death accourding to the score board. Donovan Mcnabb actually did pretty well for the redskins I liked that. Most of the veterians on the team other than Haynesworth. But again when Haynesworth came in the game thats when everything for the redskins started to look bad for them. Now on the other end. The Ravens looked good in my opinion not to many penalties, but yet a few fumbles other than that the ravens looked good. I want to point some plays and comments made during the game that I want to comment on. Redskins LB London Fletcher wanted no part of Ben Grubbs on a
screen. #Ravens successfully hitting their RBs through the air like last year. Well I didn’t expect that to really change from last year as long Flacco could get them goin down the field, to score. Anquan Boldin shows exactly why the #Ravens signed him. Leaping catch in traffic and holds on while taking a shot. Ravens in the red zone. thats the stuff that makes Anquan Boldin who he is today and why he is a great key to the ravens offense. Terrell Suggs is having a great night. I have no idea how Donovan McNabb held onto the ball. Suggs will take his first sack of the preseason. Hopefully, there will be alot more where that came from Terrell Suggs this year.
Fake punt by the #Ravens. Direct snap and a rush of 51 yards by
Haruki Nakamura to the 1. I don’t think they pulled that out all last year. Harbaugh pulling something new out of his hat of tricks for this season. I would have to say that was at least on of the best plays of the game.
Big-time hit by Dawan Landry in the secondary. That’s what he’s
best at. Breaks up a first-down pass. No doubt about it.
#Ravens CB Cary Williams gets his second interception of the preseason. Williams making a very solid statement to get a big role. Someone to watch for during the season if he makes the cut before the season starts. The sloppy play continues for Baltimore’s first-team offense.
Exactly what I was saying earlier in the blog that they making alot of fumbles in the game, something every team in the NFL could work on. Joe Flacco finished 9-of-16 for 72 yards. No touchdowns, no interceptions. Marc Bulger is at the helm now. Not a bad night for Flacco at all, he might not of gotten any touchdowns, but the good thing is no interceptions at all thats a pretty night to me for preseason. Donte’ Stallworth coughs it up. Third fumble tonight. Hopefully, Donte’ is not goin to have alot of those this season. Nasty hit on Albert McClellan. That should have been a flag.
Nasty is definitly the word for that hit but of course no refs saw that play. First quarter stats: Joe Flacco 4 for 7 25 yards 64.6 rating; Donovan McNabb: 5 for 12 96 yards 70.1 rating.
Not bad stats for both quarterbacks. Rookie David Reed makes a very nice leaping grab. That’s what we saw during OTAs. Reed’s on the bubble – that will help. Another rookie to watch out for. Marc Bulger has the #Ravens driving here. Bulger is looking much sharper than he did against the Panthers last week. I always did like marc bulger when he was in st.louis. I glad that the ravens did pick him up for the season for a back up. Another rookie to watch. Jason Phillips is having a great game. Notches a sack/strip/recovery. Also has been great on special teams. Phillips is another bubble guy. Troy Smith is in at quarterback and scrambles on the first play. Joe Thiesman said it best when he said that Troy Smith is the equivalent to Micheal Vick in Philadephia. Marc Bulger went 13-of-16 for 130 yards, good for a 100.5 QB rating. Great performance out of Marc Bulger tonight. Now some…


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