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Monday, June 7, 2010
not so much goin on

Hi everyone this is Duece here, There’s much going here on my end just a bunch crap, that I’m not understanding. I had some of my time filling out job applications on the internet, and alot of the things that I think is stupid, but yet alot of companies depend on these functions that everyone is required to fill out while on the companies website: 1. The first thing that I hate as of now is that while filling out applications online, is that there are alot hoops to jumo through some I can understand and then there’s some are ridiculous. 2. Why is it that while filing out apps online that the seperate windows keep closing on me, causing me to keep going back, and back to fill out the same crap online, instead of me moving on, I’m spending 5 mins trying to get through one window. 3. Why do these websites have short time limits on them, specially if you’re filling a long app on there, not everyone likes goin back and forth filling out apps, of the same page if its not saved on the website. 4. Why is it that when filling a job app online the company has you do assessment tests (long ones I might had) and then by the time your done, and get the results, they are completely false. Like for instance I filled out this one app online, and I did the assessment test on it, and by the time, I was done, and got the results back. The webpage had said that I wasn’t not qualified for nothing that they had openings for, but yet my resume that I had uploaded on the site, had mentioned everything that I had done and all the openings on the site, I had mentioned that I had done on the resume. So that was very crazy to me. So after going through all that now. On to the music side of this blog, I had ordered a music software program from this one site, and once I had purchased it. I had downloaded it, everything went find with it, until I was trying to install it on my laptop, well the problem that I had recieved a email with the confirmation of the the purchase, and the daownload and stuff, well also there was a license key, for the product. Now when trying to put in the license key, my laptop kept telling me that I had put in the incorrect license key, well what I had done originally is that I had copied, and pasted the license key. Well apparently thats what f****ed it up, so then I manually typed it in. So that did the trick, but another problem had developed. Now I had just happened to look at my credit card statement and I was billed twice for it. Now I was getting kinda pissed at this time, so I had emailed the company(I had tried calling and this company, couldn’t be reached, and worst of all I couldn’t even leave a message.) What kinda s***t is that!!!!!!!!! Believe me I couldn’t understand what was goin on. The company had emailed me back, and we emailed each other back and forth until most of it was resolved, now I just waiting on when my money is coming back on my card. (hopefully, that won’t be a problem.) The program is everything I had exepected it to be. The program is a dj mixing program which I like and everything, but it works kinda odd to me. You can make a mix and have seperated in different tracks and all which I like but you have to jumo through hoops if your trying to make as one track. But after going through all the motions. I had finally done it. So I’m gonna let everyone listen to it, and downlown here. Well here it is I hope will enjoy it. Later till next time. Dueces
Posted by dj duece at 8:08 PM
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