Studio 1215 moving on part 3

hme weekly video blog vol.4 Here is the track of the week Please feel free to download and listen and give your opinions for the track of the week, have a good week and check the blog and also please some feedback as well, enjoy Later Dj Duece Sorry for being late on last weeks blog, I spent most of my time getting the video editted it was a pain in my ass, But everything that is in this blog is from last week, so anyway sit back and enjoy later. Just before looks at the video blog I wanted to let every one know not every thing I had said had came out clear. So I wanted to write this out so if anything wasn’t clear in the video I had the chance to write it out, so everyone could follow along. I was talking about was: What had happened to me during the week, this week was pretty stressful to me. Just one I wanted to mention that I didn’t mention in my recent blogs, was the fact that I was recently laid off my job that I had for 5 years. Due to the fact the company is moving to Pa, which is messed up in my opinion, but anyway I was told when I left the company that we will be getting a severance pay out of all this which is cool to me. But the thing is all this was going to be paid out all at once, now the catch was it was goin to be distributed the way you had set up your direct deposits within the companies database. So what I had done was I had it set up so it would go into my checking account, and my savings account, and a whatever was left over in a check. So what had happened was when I thought I was getting my severance pay, I wasn’t because the week before just happened to be the severance pay, and not a regular check, so with me not knowing that, I had spent it. The more f***ed up thing was that when I had filed for unemployment, that I wasn’t getting that check either due to the fact that I wasn’t looking for a job, between the time I had filed and now. So that made me even more pissed off as it was. So from day to day until I had realized what had happened. I was pissed off at everybody, including my roommates that I was living with at the time. But a friend of mine had mentioned “Did you cash out your 401k?” Which I had forgot all about, so I had called the company that was dealing with that and I was able to cash it out. So I did get the money for me and my roomates to move. But the thing I have to wait until monday to do all that, but thats ok I can wait that long. So hopefully by next week I can finally say that we had moved, or moving into a new place. Another thing is I don’t mind living at my parent’s house and everything but the thing my dog, and my uncle don’t get along. My dog barks at him as if she gonna attack him, but the thing is she’s not an attack dog she’s only a puppy (1 yrs old) but also me and my uncle can’t move around the house like we would want because of her. So thats its own problem hopefully I can figure out, but also if anyone has any suggestions as well please let me know what I can do to solve this problem. But again I wanted to send this out as well to at least have everyone can follow whats going even if you can’t follow the video. Dj Duece


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