Man Vs. Laptop

Hi thanks for coming by to check out this weeks blog of studio 1215 news, just last night me and the laptop had it out, in a little duel. Where I finally won due to finding out what was causing all the crap, It was a application that I had downloaded awhile ago from Well when I came across the fact that I could watch my my favorite show HEROES, on their without being online to do it, then I jumped right on it. But eventually it had cost me at the end, so I finally deleted it out of the system cause it ended up having a virus in it. And then the problem was every time that I got on the laptop. The dial-up connection window would come up, will it was coming up I would say about 20 windows of that would come up within 2 minutes flat, no lie, and every window that I had closed a new one would appear. So I went in to my start menu and fixed the problem. And ever since then the windows never popped up again, it seems to me that I had fixed the problem. But other than that I wrote 3 songs last night as well, for possibblities of being in tv commercials. Some times it could be hard work depending on what the clients want. Last night I had wrote 3 songs for 3 different projects I ended up stayin up all night considering some of the problems were still there like the freezing up but it wasn’t as bad as before, hopefully through out the weekend alot of that will resolve itself. Here is this weeks track to try out from me. and check me next week. Later


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